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This issue was closed. Setting Up Disks Tasks Driver qlt successfully added to system but failed to attach This message does not indicate an error. It shows you how to use comstar qlt specific device path to bind a port to a driver that is different from the driver to which it is currently bound. The qlc driver remains bound to the port until reboot.

The qlt driver attaches during reboot. Step 2: Create the new BE:.

Step 3: activate BE. Step 4: Login, check, handover:. Step 5: The lengthy procedure of SAP setup. comstar qlt

Openzfs/usr/src/uts/common/io/comstar/port/qlt at master · hannob/openzfs · GitHub

The next day, during the first SAP tests, an SAP admin calls you with panic in his voice, during SAP upgrade a procedure ran amok and they'd need to restart the upgrade comstar qlt scratch. You calm him, explaining that your system is well prepared for cases like this, and you can revert all the changes to the point where they had their clean SAP install done, so they can start upgrading again. SAP Are you sure you want to destroy SAP?

You have saved their day, and a lot of effort of completely having to re-setup their application from scratch. Even if they'd decide comstar qlt go for PeopleSoft instead of SAP, all you'd need to do is to create a Comstar qlt cloned from the original solaris-0 BE, and you have a completely clean environment again for the PeopleSoft tests.

Network configuration has substantially changed in Oracle Solaris 11 with the introduction of network configuration profiles and consolidated administration across the different facets comstar qlt networking fabrics in the data center. By comstar qlt network configuration profiles, administrators can simplify complex configurations and apply them as a single unit of change.

For more information comstar qlt to Oracle Solaris 11 network administration, see the following administration guides:. Here are some additional Oracle Solaris 11 comstar qlt. Thank you for reading this article. Oracle Solaris 11 New feature. All subsequent LUNs appear in the format output, because the script forces the initiator to touch all the LUNs through all the ports. But you will be much better prepared.

Display a list of the HBA ports and their respective device paths. Follow the instructions for each port provider to identify the initiators associated with each port provider. Full Name Comment goes here. Difficult to comstar qlt more mainstream hardware than this. Works great.

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Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. No Services comxtar restart: Of course a working fabric and clients in order to utilize the comstar qlt. Make a LUN available to hosts. It appears to be some registers, speed and the firmware address range issue that would need modification. Sean ONeil. You must complete this task to enable the STMF service. Copying Files and File Systems Tasks. Managing Tape Drives Tasks. Ensure the following prerequisite step has been completed:. In this example, qlt is updated.Configuring iSCSI Devices With COMSTAR Configuring Fibre Channel Ports For COMSTAR.

How to The COMSTAR driver for a target QLogic 4G HBA is qlt. The COMSTAR driver for a target QLogic 4G HBA is qlt. Because initiator mode and target mode use different drivers, the driver you attach to an HBA port.

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