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Yeah, that socket ran from Old tech is sometimes expensive just because it's rare and the people that would actually need or want it would be willing to pay. Ibm fru pn 49p1599 motherboard about trying this, unless you have already done so. Dont have anything connected to any of those 8 pins.

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hpphotosmart a710Ibm Netvista Motherboard

In other words, with the connecting ports, keyboard, mouse, usb, video, etc, etc, directly in front of you, with the motherboard face up, then the front panel connection is at the very back, right? Roughly opposite the parallel port connection at the front. Looking at it this way, the 7 and 8 pins are the last 2 on the right, right? Im pretty sure we are ibm fru pn 49p1599 motherboard agreement here, just wanted to make sure, thats all.

Ibm fru pn 49p motherboard drivers - Google Документи

And you are right, they have a ton of ibm fru pn 49p1599 motherboard but very little when it comes right down to the front panel wiring itself. Its because IBM sells these machines as office machines and doesnt want people messing with them, lol. They want only authorized repair people to know. I have 2 customers with these machines and i am gonna stop by and get the correct setup for you from one of these. The units i am talking about are different from yours, but i am almost certain the front panel connectors are identical. Like i said, they are across from the parallel port connector, a single black plastic connector with 8 pins. Okay, my mistake. I have a few different posts in a few different forums, all dealing with netvista. I see now yours is a bit different model and i see on page 39 that your power connector is number 11 on the pdf book of yours.

So refer to my post above. I think we are going to need to start right from scratch here. It looks like we are referring to the same diagram. No 11 is the power connector and No 5 the power led connector. The power led connector is in the right-hand corner and runs parallel to the top of ibm fru pn 49p1599 motherboard board. Have no idea whether this is expected to happen or not. Evidently the case you bought isn't to the latest specs.

Common now to have 2 pin power led connections. Look for a piezio on yours.

Manual for IBM Pentium 4 motherboard

There could be a different type on yours. The 2 position molex will slip onto the pins without any problems into the housing. When you get around to memory, be advised that it is special. You generally can find it on ebay.


And the FRU may not cross reference. When you need them, it is too late. And for general info for those who are interested.

I just noticed that the board I was looking at for reference had a Gigabyte part number. Its in a pdf file. If the motherboard looks the same or even similar then you can likely use the pdf file to get the jumper settings.

In other words, the pdf file on that page has the jumper settings for the netvista motherboard i have, it might be good for yours as well. On the side of the heatsink for the cpu, what are the numbers on yours? Edfair, seems to ibm fru pn 49p1599 motherboard I remember someone saying the one i had was also made by Gigabyte. I see that i am jumping all over here, sorry for that. I am going by memory and then adding to that with info i have that i got from IBM and put on cd. I am doing all this as you really want to find out which motherboard you have to download all the files you need for it. As Edfair says, they wont be there forever. If, in the end, we can find out what type and model yours is, then this is the place to start.

Intel 76, Number of Memory Slots see all. Memory Type see all. Filter 3.Radfan IBM Lenovo Netvista Foxconn Fru 32p 32p CPU Heatsink 3- pin 18cm.

EUR ; Postage not specified. Brand, IBM. FRU: PN, 49P 49P 02R Socket, for Intel Celeron or P4 CPU. Memory, 2 x DDR Slots. Video, Onboard.


Audio, Onboard.

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