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Earth Anchors and Stakes for Trapping - Trapping Today

Your email address will not be published. Snow Plow Markers. The Iowa Disposable Stake ushered in a modern era pogo stake disposable earth anchors for trappers, particularly those on the fox and coyote lines.

Don't use stakes anymore but when I did I used scrap re-bar that you can get from constuction site dumpsters. Cut to what ever length you like and weld a washer or nut at one end Cookie Policy. Disposable stakes have evolved over the years, and for many trappers, have replaced their traditional rebar staking techniques, providing for far less weight to carry, plus the time tested value of their strength and utility for staking a trap. They are adaptable for use in both land and pogo stake trapping. If you have never used these before, and decide to try them, may I suggest that you buy a couple of different kinds already made up - 12" to 18" in length and test them in your soil conditions to get started trying them.

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I bought four different brands when I decided to try them, and decided on the 18" cable length to cover all of my land use needs. In most cases, those lengths should be more than adequate to hold a large pogo stake. However, depending again on the soil in your area, you may discover the need for 24" cable on land, and significantly longer lengths for water use. This occurs when at least one player bets all his tokens, at least one other person calls, and there is no one left with tokens to bet. The winner is then decided in what is usually a dramatic Showdown.

When hands are revealed, the player with the highest hand wins.

I always used pliers after that with no more failures! Oct pogo stake, NaturalStateNativeOct 16, Can't go wrong with Wolf fangs! Helpful links.


Contact Us Customer Pogo stake Policies. You may also like:. Messages: Likes Received: 95 Location: howell. I am trying pogos this year. Nov 5, 5.

For years, pogo couldnt figure out how to remove the STUPID power bar from the table were it covers the dots, such a simple fix, just move the power bar to the side and place it vertically and NOT cover any dots. December pogo stake The earth anchor gives you nearly degrees of swiveling pogo stake, a stake will only allow it to go round and round. If the ground is hard as a rock and no rain, a stake may work better. Gift Certificates.

For Solid Earth, Pogo stake, or Clay. We strive to offer accurate photos of our merchandise, if something is inaccurate please let us know.

If you use quick links, use pliers to tighten them. The first time I used quick links with earth anchors my parterner told me to use pliers. I tightened the quick link by hand, saying a coyote can't possibly unscrew it. The next morning my first set had a nice pogo stake circle with coyote tracks; no trap or coyote!Detailed Description. For instructions please select the view additional images tab under the product photo. Pogo Anchor Ground Cable Stakes. POGO. Disposable Stake - Pogostick Anchors Pogo /2" Washer with J-Hook.

One of the fastest, most Pogo /4" Washer with 18" of 3/32" Cable Attached.

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