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Rush and TrackMania Sunrise? When you install the game the StarForce protection is already in there and if you don't install the StarForce thing you can't run the game. After mounting an image for L. Rush the StarForce thing says error reading disc but the disc is being mounted. What should I do? If you want the game then buy it, and live disable starforce protection Starforce though it has been reported to permenantly harm CD Drives, create system instability and performance issues If you don't want Starforce, then dont buy the game. Though it looks to me like your asking for advice on how to run pirated games that have had the Starforce protection cracked, In which case slap yourself aound the head for being a douche.

Most probably this application is protected with too old protection system version and, generally speaking, won't run on Windows 7 in its original state. If this doesn't help, then you should contact your product customer support service and ask them to make a patch, which will either update protection system version or remove protection at all.

StarForce Drivers Removal

Windows started and I had to reset some stuff, Like video card overclocks, searched for files and deleted them, getting to point, Installed Toca Driver 3 last night, I noticed it had starforce security software so I didnt let game restart computer, closed it, window 7 said incompatible drivers for starforce software, wait for it. I restarted comp on my own, win7 mentioned about drivers again, I tried to start game, a box came up telling me let game restart comp for starforce secrurity to finish, not wanting a repeat of Sniper Elite action, I uninstalled disable starforce protection game.

Namco has no updates Sniper Elite or starforce Security and codemasters has no help for Toca Driver 3 or starforce security and they both played great on XP, I've been every where looking for solution, guess they'll end up with Scarface not being used, my other PC runs Vista they wont work with it either, This PC win 7 home premium 64bit 8gig EVGA GT, just installed Need for speed Porsche Unleased EA from plays well, Need for speed Hot persuit 2 EA from plays well, some games play others dont do so well, no one seems to no what to do about starforce security, disable starforce protection anyone here, otherwise these games wont be played, anyone. Again, remove anything even related to any of these items.

How do you get rid of starforce protection driver.

In fact, it wasn't adaquetly cracked as of a few months ago, when the best they could do was get you to burn a cd and hope it works in your player. I agree that disable starforce protection length of time it takes to crack current games is the most important factor in all this, but we need to keep in mind sample size. But historically and we aren't talking about 2 years - this is less than a year starforce3 games were not cracked within "weeks". And I'd say thats a pretty good argument for starforce. Device removal Go into the device manager and show non-plug and play devices. One or two files had higher numbers at the end. Now, I'm going to restart and see Starforce is a software copy protection tool installed by PC game publishers, which is designed to prevent the casual copying of retail CDROM applications.


Starforce has received criticism for installing its own device driver onto computers. Originally Posted by GalMaal.

Please help me delete starforce protection - PC/Mac/Linux Society - GameSpot

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It is 32bit edition. This is what an honest customer get: a game that disable starforce protection be used. It's sad but true. Note though that all cases of unauthorized distribution of StarForce Removal Tool sfdrvrem. I've read of somthing called Cracked.

Tried update it just kept wanting me to restart PC after 3 enough already uninstalled game and starforce update, another game that wont be played, along with sniper elite it has this also has this crap on it. Sorry disable starforce protection it didn't work out.


Starforce Windows 7. Support UI.

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Activate or deactivate application - For disable starforce protection that can be activated via the Internet and use the DiscFree Technology. July 20, at am. Emil says:.Following information is only required for applications protected with driver. Remember - not all programs are protected with driver. A developer or a publisher of.

You can find the latest version of the StarForce Removal Tool utility here.

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