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Nikon D Downloaded from www. Hulp nodig"2. Which, from a six-colour ink jet using decent paper, is photo quality.

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The DSC can also shoot video clips, with sound, limited in length only by the amount of storage you give it. And it can play MP3 files, too. Or it did; it's getting on for two years digitrex digital camera since I put this review up, and Aus PC don't stock these cameras any more. There are lots of baby digital cameras that cost less than digitrex digital camera. Check out this little lot I reviewed some time ago, or this hyper-multifunctional widget for about the same price as the Digitrex camera, for instance.


First and foremost - if you don't live in Australia, I don't know whether you'll be able to buy this thing or not. Digitrex is an Australia-only brand which graces a lot of cheapo DVD players. digitrex digital camera

I've got one; it's good. The Digitrex site is apexdigital.

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But there are no cameras in the Apex product line. Or in the Hiteker line, for that digitrex digital camera. So the "Digitrex" cameras are presumably made by someone else. Who that someone is, I don't know. Until recently, the Digitrex name was pretty much an Australia-only deal. Digitrex DSC 3. Nice and cute camera.

Looking for this exact model and found it digitrex digital camera. But, for the money, it's fine. The DSC is, however, not without its Chief, and most annoying, among them is that the thing hangs. Not so often that the average user is likely to throw it at the wall, but often enough to get your attention.

When the camera's hung, it usually just sits there with its green "ready" light on and does nothing, no matter what you do with its mode dial. To un-hang it, you have to open and close the battery door, to hard-reset the camera's power supply. The camera doesn't, generally, stop responding while you're just taking pictures. It can seem that way if you've got the flash turned on and you're not paying attention, thanks to the ten second flash charge delay, but it's pretty much OK. I managed to take one perfectly white picture during my testing, but I don't know how; I also managed to take some pictures that didn't get written to the CompactFlash card, and I don't know digitrex digital camera.

This hardly ever happened, though. Fooling around with the PC connect mode is a leading cause of hangs, but exactly what'll hang the camera in this situation, I'm not sure. One annoying quirk of this camera is that every time you select the PC connect mode you have to tell the camera which sub-mode to use WDM or Mass Storageand Mass Storage mode requires three button presses to select. WDM only requires one button press, but if you fail to do that, leave the camera with its what-mode-do-you-want menu up and plug it in, the computer won't know what the heck it is.

Apex Digital Digitrex DSC 2100 2.0MP Digital Camera

And a camera hang may be just around the corner. For a little while, I thought that turning the camera digitrex digital camera before unplugging it was the problem, but no; sometimes it's perfectly happy to be unplugged without being turned off first. Sometimes it isn't. Join our site today to ask your question. This site is completely free -- paid for by advertisers and donations. Optical Sensor Sensor Resolution.


Camera Display Type. Connect the camera to the computer with the USB cable. From digitrex digital camera devices] delete [Composite USB device] or [unknown device].This is my first tech product on the channel to be reviewed, and by judging this camera, it might be the last.

I'm. Digitrex's DSC is an amazing digital camera. It has a flash. It has expandable memory, and accepts standard Compact Flash cards. It has a backlit colour.

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