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It is associated with frontal and temporal lobe atrophy, involving the right and left hemispheres, in some cases asymmetrically Rosen et al. It can be classied into two main cognitive syndromes Neary et al. genica gn-788m

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Behavioral variant frontotemporal dementia is the most frequent FTLD phenotype, characterized by behavioral alterations, such as disinhibition, overeating, and impulsiveness, and impairment of cognitive functions, with relative sparing of memory Hou et al. Changes in social behavior, loss of empathy, and impairment of social insight are early and consistent symptoms of bvFTD, whose importance and role for the early diagnosis has been emphasized in the new consensus criteria Rascovsky et al. If this criterion is satised, there are three further levels of certainty for bvFTD: possible, probable, or denite. These new criteria have a exible structure to account for the high heterogeneity at initial presentation. Early and progressive changes in language functions represent the alternative presentation of FTLD.

It is characterized by phonological genica gn-788m, defective word retrieval, and sentence repetition decits. New criteria for bvFTD diagnosis Rascovsky et al. The demonstration of an autosomal dominant mutation is. The rst evidence of a genetic cause for familial FTLD came from the demonstration of a linkage with chromosome 17q The gene responsible for such association, named MAPT gene, was discovered few years later Hutton et al. MAPT encodes the microtubule associated protein Tau, which is involved in microtubule stabilization and assembly.

MAPT mutations can be nonsynonymous, deletions, or intronic mutations located close to the splice-donor site of the intron after the alternatively spliced exon genica gn-788m Rademakers et al. They are mainly clustered in exons 9 13, which contain the microtubule binding regions Rademakers genica gn-788m al.

Some mutations increase the free cytoplasmic portion of the protein promoting tau aggregation, whereas genica gn-788m lead to an aberrant phosphorylation of tau protein, which damages microtubule stabilization Bue and Delacourte, ; Goedert and Jakes, Nevertheless, cases of PNFA have been reported as well, with an onset even in the sixth decade of life Genica gn-788m et al. A small region rich of genes, localized approximately 6. Systematic sequencing of candidate genes within this minimal region was performed and the rst mutation in progranulin gene GRN was identied. It consists of a 4-bp insertion of CTGC between coding nucleotides 90 and 91, causing a frameshift and premature termination in progranulin C31LfsX34; Baker et al.

Cruts et al. This mutation causes the splicing out of the intron 0, leading the retention of mRNA within the nucleus and its degradation. GRN gene encodes for the growth regulation factor progranulin, belonging to a family of proteins involved genica gn-788m many biological functions including development, wound repair, and inammation by activating signaling cascades that control cell cycle progression Genica gn-788m and Bateman, Progranulin is a amino acid protein, rich of cysteine with a molecular weight of It is expressed not only in neurons but also is the activated microglia Baker et al.

Most of the known genica gn-788m GRN mutations, including frameshift, splice-site, and nonsense mutations, are predicted to result in a premature stop codon. The resulting aberrant mRNA is degraded through the process of nonsense mediated decay, leading to haploinsufciency Gass et al.

Age at disease onset is extremely wide, even in the same family Pietroboni et al. In addition, the demonstration of the clinical overlap between psychiatric disorders and genetically determined FTLD comes from the recent description of a patient with heterosexual pedophilia Rainero et al. A major contribution to achieve a genica gn-788m diagnosis independent of the phenotypic presentation is the demonstration that progranulin plasma levels are extremely low in GRN mutation carriers, even in asymptomatic subjects Ghidoni et al. Notwithstanding the striking proximity of MAPT and GRN on chromosome 17, at this time, there is no clear link between these two genes, suggesting that their closeness is just a coincidence.

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GRN-mutated FTLD cases at the neuropathological examination presented ubiquitin immunoreactive cytoplasmic and intranuclear neuronal inclusions similar to the microvacuolartype still observed in a large proportion of apparently sporadic FTLD, and differing from the tau-positive inclusions typical of MAPT mutated cases. A collaborative study Yu et al. In these cases, the Behavioral and cognitive impairment associated with extrapyramidal and pyramidal signs are the main clinical manifestations in CHMP2B mutation carriers. Myoclonus can occur late in the course of the disease Genica gn-788m et al.

Some familial cases having mutations in the VCP-1 gene were reported Watts et al. After some others reports conrming the.

Both these studies Dejesus-Hernandez et al. This genica gn-788m causes the loss of one alternatively spliced transcript, whose function is still unknown, and the formation of nuclear RNA foci. Wild-type alleles contain no more than repeats, whereas mutated alleles have more than repeats.


Clinically, the large clinical series reported in these studies show that the genica gn-788m phenotypes are consistent with bvFTD and ALS, with different phenotypic presentation even in the same family i. In the last few years, it has become clear that there are multiple genetic autosomal dominant mutations leading to the development of FTLD. Whereas the majority of MAPT mutations is characterized by an early onset of symptoms and is associated with a clear segregation across generations, age at disease onset is very wide in GRN mutation carriers. Given the incomplete penetrance of such mutations, a number of cases are apparently genica gn-788m, making more difcult to suspect the presence of a causal mutation.

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