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Thank You D I guess I expected more from Kodak. This camera takes a long time to turn on, a long time between pictures, and a long time to transfer pictures. Picture quality kodak dc210 plus adequate.


Wouldn't work in the cold, and stopped working all toghether shortly after the warranty ran out. Not recommended.

Kodak dc210 plus digital camera

One person found this helpful. The Kodak DC series was Kodak's pioneering [ citation needed ] consumer-grade line of digital cameras; as distinct from their much more expensive professional Kodak DCS series. Cameras in the DC series were manufactured and sold during the mid-to-late s and early s. We suspect that much of the problem kodak dc210 plus from users trying to hand-hold the cameras during very long exposures. Kodak dc210 plus experienced pro might be able to hold a camera steady for an eighth of a second of so, but nobody is going to get sharp pictures hand-holding a camera for a half-second exposure!

Take kodak dc210 plus advice, and use a tripod when the light is dim! Above all, don't blame Kodak for fuzzy exposures kodak dc210 plus low light: They should be hailed for expanding the range of situations in which digital cameras can effectively be used. Flame off Flash The built-in flash has an effective range of 1.


Its five operating modes include auto, auto with kodak dc210 plus reduction, fill in which the flash always fires, regardless of the overall scene brightnessfill with red-eye reduction, and off. Digital Cameras. Get Help Fcc Compliance And Advisory Canadian Doc Statement Table of contents Table Of Contents 7.

Kodak DC210 Plus - digital camera Specs

Features Deleting Pictures Battery Type. AA - alkaline - standard form factor. Header Brand.

Product Line. I kodak dc210 plus at last got a digital camera. Test Results In every Imaging Resource product review, we encourage you to let your own eyes be the judge of how well the devices performed: Explore the links at the bottom of this page, to see how well the DC performed, and how its images compare to other cameras you may be considering buying. You're also welcome to download the images for personal use only to see how they look when output on your own printer. The DC takes consistently high quality images, with excellent resolution, and some of the best kodak dc210 plus we've seen to date in a digital camera. On a minor negative note though, we found the viewfinder slightly inaccurate in our testing: The area shown by the viewfinder is shifted to the upper left-hand corner of the image actually captured.

Kodak DC Plus - digital camera Specs - CNET

Once we were accustomed to the slight shift in the viewfinder, we had kodak dc210 plus trouble framing our images, simply aiming slightly up and to the right of where we wanted the center of our shot to be. On a more positive note, we found that the LCD display provided an extremely accurate representation of the final image file. See the separate discussion on image resolution for an explanation of this new kodak dc210 plus standard for resolution measurement. Total Pixels.

Effective Sensor Resolution. Image Recording Format. Interfaces Provided.

Crop factor Crop factor or focal length multiplier is calculated by dividing the diagonal of 35 mm film Buy on Amazon. User reviews.


Popular comparisons:. My most charitable interpretation kodak dc210 plus this is: "Images of things close to the camera were sharp and detailed. It can even satisfy the demands of photo hobbyists and semiprofessionals. Our recommendation, though, is to spend the extra money for the DC Kodak has a winner here for business users who want simplicity, style, and superior-looking pictures.

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Performance meets point-and-shoot. The DC Plus is kodak dc210 plus most advanced, most affordable and easiest-to-use digital camera in its class. IN-DEPTH review of the Kodak DC digital camera, with actual sample imagesand a detailed data A million pixels plus superb color.

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