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Canopus Corporation

Please Login. Then I noticed it was a 3dfx - oh, hey! I could play that Glide-based motorbike game, that I remembered enjoying at a friend's house a few years previously. The game wasn't as good as I remembered. I threw canopus pure 3d ii card away.

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When I first saw canopus pure 3d ii he almost had me, but the wind sound track that was dubbed in when he fires up the rig had me laughing! TorKlingberg 4 months ago. I almost thought someone has de-soldered 32 Voodoo5 chips of old cards and made an entire new giant card to hold them. Did this card genuinely exist or is it some kind of joke? It's an April's fool joke.

Voodoo 5 doesn't support DirectX 9 so it can't run Crysis. Are you serious? It could have canopus pure 3d ii some kind of prototype I don't know. I admit it, I felt for it :. I picked up my Voodoo 2 in when I found it in an old computer I was scavenging for pieces with other high school students. No other student realized what it was.


The first time I saw the full-screen 3dfx logo, it felt amazing. Not only Canopus pure 3d ii still have it, but I collected more for free over the years, and I'm still amazed that something I would drool over a few years back became trash-worthy. It's either a reminder that good things happen to those who wait Zenst 4 months ago.

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My flatmate owned a Voodoo2, was impressive though the market soon caught up and and when the following year I did get myself aafter a month I sold it and got a Matrox GMax as it did the 3D canopus pure 3d ii I needed more so the less demanding games of the time. But canopus pure 3d ii so, the colour gamut was so much sharper and stood out on a CRT of the time. I was curious so I had a dig on the specs to relive the decision of the time and can see the Matrox did 32bit colour whilst the was 24bit. Not seen any comparisons in performance but I certainly had no complaints and was happier with the GMax on many levels 2nd monitor - no problem.

All other things being equal, colors should look the same canopus pure 3d ii both. Yes, but keep in mind that monitors of the time were analog devices. Matrox was well known for higher quality at the time. It was visible even just with black text on a white background. Basically their implementation of moving from pixels to the analog signal was better. Less artifacts, less shadows, better colors, better frame to frame stability, etc.

That's why analog outputs of laptops those that still have them are usually crap. If I remember correctly Matrox cards had the best video output quality through D-Sub at that time, which might be what your post's parent might have referred to. Yes, I was trying to quantify it from experience over just saying it was canopus pure 3d ii best. They sure was and some would say, still has an edge, though some still prefer CRT's as well.


I graduated from high school in and worked at a big box computer store during the spring and summer. I remember when the demo machines with the Voodoo3 and TNT2 Ultras hitting the floor and all of us employees crowding around before the store opened to watch the demos, and endless hours spent arguing about which was better. It was pretty much perfect, except for the fact that technology was improving so quickly then that I started feeling the need to upgrade it in 6 months. That fall I went to canopus pure 3d ii and hooked it up to the university's broadband connection.

I probably got my money's worth in all the hours Canopus pure 3d ii spent on that machine. It definitely gave me a sense of wonder and power to have something top of the line. I don't know if I'd do it again, but I had a great time back then. Should I glue some heatsinks on those Canopus cards and use them? Or, do you think I should try to score some more common Voodoo cards on eBay for my new build? Thanks for your advice! The fan is powered by a 2-pin Power Supply connector on the Pure3D II board, and spins up to nothing more than a quiet purr during normal operation.Like the current wave of BX motherboards, Voodoo2 based 3D Graphics Accelerators seem to all fall within a few percent of each other as far. At a first glance, the attractive Pure3D II box doesn't seem big enough to hold a Voodoo2 card, since the Creative Labs and Diamond.

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