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Please refer to the Operating Manuals elsewhere on this 66312a labview for more complete information on remote sensing. Answer: The chassis of the power product must always be referenced to earth ground, for safety reasons. However, the output is isolated and may be connected to a point other than ground. It is most common for the output to be connected to circuit common, but in some applications it is advantageous to have the power supply output referenced to some voltage above or 66312a labview ground. Be aware of the following considerations when floating a power product.

A grounded analog programming source may short out the current 66312a labview resistor causing uncontrolled output currents or blown tracks on the power supply circuit board. Be sure the programming source is fully isolated. Think through all connections carefully. Multiple grounds in the system can cause ground loops resulting in extra noise, and possible dc measurement errors. Be sure to consult the Application Information section of the Power Products Catalog for more information on these and other applications. Answer: Yes, in many cases this can be done, however there are some specific cautions.

66312a labview

The resultant voltage for series connections cannot exceed the maximum floating voltage allowed for any of the component power supplies. For best results, only supplies of equal output voltage ratings should be paralleled and only supplies of equal current ratings should be placed in series. Some Agilent dc power supplies have the capability for auto-parallel operation, which increases the convenience of controlling the resultant configuration. In this case, only one unit has to be controlled manually 66312a labview by computer control to take advantage of the full power of all supplies.


For more information, refer to the Power Products Catalog. Remote Inhibit Capability Question: I want to put a microswitch on the 66312a labview cover so that lifting the cover will program my ATE power supplies to zero volts. Do Agilent power supplies have this capability" manner than contact closure.

That way, the source would go into the disabled state in the event that the connector falls off or a wire breaks, or a micro-switch opens.


However, the disadvantage 66312a labview this approach is that it complicates communication between multiple supplies in a system. Pulling the INH line low to disable the source makes it possible to "wire-or" together the FLT fault output signals for a group of power supplies and ac sources. Thus, an INH input signal remote inhibit to any of the units can be used to shut down all others in the system. Internal circuitry latches the INH line low until, keeping all supplies disables until they are deliberately reset. An additional reason for choosing the low state to disable the output is that it simplifies normal operation for users who do not need to use the disable capability.

Agilent Technologies B : Power Supply User's Manual

66312a labview Thus, those users who are not using this capability do not have to remember to connect the required jumper wire, or plug in a connector with the shorting jumper. Otherwise, where a positive connection is required to establish normal operation, users frequently mistakenly conclude that the unit has failed, and that the output is dead. Simple examples show you how to program: u output functions such as voltage and current u internal and external triggers u measurement functions u the status and protection functions NOTE: These examples in this chapter show which commands are used to perform a particular function, but do not show the commands being used in any particular programming For example, to set the output voltage to 25 volts, use: VOLTage The dc source can be programmed to turn off its output if the output voltage exceeds a preset peak voltage limit.

Best regards, Andrew. Message 1 of 4. Click on the driver, either Windows 95 or Windows NT, and download the executable file to your. Multiple output linear system dc power supply pages. Multiple output linear system dc power supplies pages. There was an error while thanking. SMF 2. NOTE:You cannot measure output voltage and current simultaneously. Adding a command processing overhead ofabout 20 milliseconds results in a total measurement time of about 50 milliseconds per measurementsample.

Keysight Electronic Measurement Products

Ripple rejection is a function of the number of cycles of the ripple frequency contained in the acquisitionwindow. More cycles in the aquisition window results in better ripple rejection. Programming the DC Source - 3Internally Triggered MeasurementsYou can use the data acquisition trigger system 66312a labview synchronize the timing of the voltage and current dataacquisition with a BUS or internal trigger source.

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Then use the FETCh commands to return differentcalculations from the data acquired by the measurement trigger.Hello, I have installed the driver for the 66312a labview DMM and I want to control it with Labview. I hadn't had much progress because it's different. with labview driver I read some times mA, mA, 1,mA.

my board with the agilent A and read the consumption current.

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