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Beagle I2C/SPI Protocol Analyzer Market Comparison

Cross-Analyzer Beagle i2c allows multiple analyzers to be triggered, advancing from pre-trigger to post-trigger, in a synchronized manner. An analyzer connected via Cross-Analyzer Sync will output a trigger signal to other analyzers in the chain when its capture is triggered.

An analyzer configured to ignore incoming trigger signals will still output a trigger signal to other analyzers on its own beagle i2c trigger. Cross-Analyzer Sync allows multiple analyzers to stop capturing at the same time. An analyzer connected via Cross-Analyzer Sync will output a stop signal to other analyzers in the chain beagle i2c its capture is stopped.

Total Phase Beagle I2C/SPI Protocol Analyzer

The stop signal can be ignored on a per-analyzer basis by software configuration Section 6. An analyzer configured beagle i2c ignore incoming stop signals will still output a stop signal to other analyzers on its own capture stop. An analyzer can be completely released from Cross-Analyzer Sync by software configuration before capture Section 6. An analyzer released from Cross-Analyzer Sync by software will:. Do not change the sync configuration by attaching or detaching HDMI cables from an analyzer when capture is in progress. Disrupting HDMI cables during capture may result in termination of capture and disconnection of an analyzer from software. The Beagle USB Protocol Analyzer features a multi-tiered matching system that can perform one or more actions in response to a match.

The first level is Simple Matching which can match the occurrence of general packet types, events, or errors and trigger the capture or assert the external output in response. The next level is Complex Matching, which provides the a state-based facility to match specific packet types and data patterns in addition to specific events. The Advanced trigger option, extends the Complex Matching framework with multiple states and extended matching facilities to build complex state machines.

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beagle i2c While the PHY Errors collapses these 4 errors into a single match, it is possible to distinguish some of the different errors in the captured data. When an elastic buffer under-run error occurs, an EDB symbol K It is possible to select multiple events to match the simple trigger. However, since a capture can only be triggered once, in the case of multiple selected events, the first of any of the selected events will trigger the capture. When a match occurs in the Simple Triggers, it is also possible to assert the External Output. The output can be asserted only once, when beagle i2c trigger occurs, or every time the simple triggers match. There are two variants of the complex matching system.


An optional advanced matching package extends the functionality of the complex matching by providing up to eight states with up to three upstream data match units, three downstream data match units, one event match unit, and beagle i2c timer match unit per state. Actual number of match units available per state will depend on the remaining resources available. The Complex Matching system provides up to 8 states. Each state is comprised of one or more match units. Each match unit defines a specific matching criteria.

Since a state can transition to multiple other states, the order of precedence is significant. If multiple match units beagle i2c at the same time, the first beagle i2c unit will have priority as to which state is transitioned to. A data match unit can match specific data packet types or data in either the upstream direction or downstream direction.

The types of data that can be beagle i2c are: link commands, header packets, data packets, qualified data packets, and training sequences. Within each of these packet types, specific subtypes or data patterns can be defined. For any of the packet types, valid or invalid CRCs can be specified as part of match criteria of the match unit. Part of beagle i2c criteria of a match unit is the ability to match for the negative criteria.


The negative criteria normally only applies beagle i2c a group of packets. To do this, the match unit has the ability to match or not match any other packet types.

1 General Overview

For data packets, a specific data pattern is the basis of the match. The event match unit can beagle i2c match V BUS detection and the external input.

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  • Total Phase Beagle I2C/SPI Protocol Analyzer

The timer match unit will match after a specific amount of time has elapsed. The timer begins upon entering the state which declared it, and can run anywhere from a few nanoseconds to half a minute. Using a multi-state trigger, a match can occur a beagle i2c amount of time after beagle i2c specific event.Beagle I2C SPI Protocol Analyzer is the ideal tool for the embedded engineer who is developing an I2C, SPI, or MDIO based product.

Contact us for more. New Request. Beagle I2C/SPI Protocol Analyzer Quick Start Guide.


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