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This almost always will result in a topped golf shot unless you make some sort of compensation to overcome this position. Another common way golfers top the topping golf ball with ball is they perform an over the top golf swing and come in too steep at the golf ball. A steep downswing leads to a more of an outside to inside swing path which makes it difficult to strike the golf ball solid.

BBC SPORT Golf Skills Stop topping the ball

Place a golf iron or wood cover about 6 inches behind the ball and also about 3 inches above the ball. Start out by making your full, regular golf swing motion, only while your arms are crossed on your chest. This will take them out of the equation and help you to see what your shoulders and lower body are doing at various points in the swing. Are your shoulders getting turned all the way back topping golf ball with the backswing? Do your legs initiate the downswing, or is another part of your body doing that job? You might be surprised to see just how easy it is to learn about your swing when you use this basic drill. For this next drill, you will need your clubs, and you will need to be at the driving range so you can hit some balls. Using a mid-iron, take your address position like you would for any other shot.

The idea is simple — you are going to swing up to the top of your backswing, pause for a couple seconds, and then swing down and hit the shot. I've learned that topping comes from getting out of sequence.

A golfer who tops the ball usually releases the club early on the downswing instead of starting down from the ground up. PING Glide 3. Latest Tips and Instruction. Iron Play.

Pete Styles

Best iron swing tips for This is topping golf ball with as a fat, or heavy, shot. This type of shot is referred to as a thin, or topped shot. Topping the golf ball causes it to stay fairly close to the ground after being struck. Typically, a ball is topped because the club has not gone far enough down towards the ball. Feedback like this is crucial to self evaluation. Make sure you keep your knees flexed All parts of your body have to work together; hands, wrists, arms, shoulders, feet and especially, your legs.

This basic posture knees flexed, not bent is the key to starting your golf swing. If you straighten your legs before impact, you will more than likely top the ball. Do you want to start your swing on the right track?

Initiate your swing starting down from the ground up Most people would think that your swing should be initiated by your shoulders and arms, as they seem to topping golf ball with the muscles that would be responsible for getting your swing started. I think that is a bit of a misnomer.


Swing everything back together and keep your head steady To me, your takeaway is the most important part of your golf swing. I think that is just wrong.

Then, and only then, should you worry about getting your hands and wrists in the right position. The next part of this instruction is to keep your head steady.


Note I am not saying to keep your head still. Watch any pro golfer and his or her head will move somewhat throughout the swing.

Are you topping the golf ball? Try This! - Down River Golf Course

Steady is the key. For this drill, you will need a weighted club, preferably a driver.

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If need be, just add some weight to your driver…Nothing is more frustrating than topping the golf ball. Whether topping golf ball with are topping iron shots or fairway woods, the fix is pretty simple, just. TOP 3 WAYS TO STOP TOPPING THE GOLF BALL >> Ah, the topped shot. It's embarrassing, all right. Even worse, the ego damage is compounded by a lousy.

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