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Remove them from the tray every 20 prints or so and fan them to cool them off. Page 52 On the [Layout] tab, select the output paper size from [Output Size]. Click [Print] in the [Print] dialog box to start printing. The paper trays can accommodate paper of the following sizes: Bypass Tray and Trays 1 - 4 paper feed direction length: - Page 54 Click [Custom Paper Size Select an item from the [Details] list box. Under [Settings for:], specify the lengths for [Short Edge] and [Long Docuprint 3055 by using the [ ] and [ ] keys or by directly entering the values.

Printer Cartridges for Fuji Xerox DocuPrint 3055

Note that the short edge cannot docuprint 3055 longer than the long edge and that the long edge cannot be shorter than the short edge, even within the specified ranges. Setting wrong paper sizes can cause printer failure.

Page 56 Click the [Layout] tab, and from [Output Size], select the custom output size you registered. This section describes how to print by changing the paper type setting of the trays. RM In such case, use alkaline paper instead. Envelopes that are with self-sealing docuprint 3055, that are not flat, or that have clasps Label paper with some labels already peeled off. Tack film Water transfer paper Textile transfer paper Important If you load postcards with pre-printed pictures, the anti set-off powder sticks to the feed rolls, preventing the postcards docuprint 3055 being fed properly.

Do not load paper of different types simultaneously. Do not remove or add docuprint 3055 to the bypass tray while printing from the bypass tray. Do not place any objects other than paper on the bypass tray. Do not push down the tray or apply an excessive force to the tray.

Printer Cartridges for Fuji Xerox DocuPrint 3055

When loading long paper, extend the extension tray until it stops until it clicks into place. If the tray is not long enough, extend it all the way. Feed Orientations for Envelopes in the Bypass Tray When loading envelopes in the bypass tray, be sure to load them in the correct orientations. Load envelopes with the address side facing down and docuprint 3055 edge with the flaps on your right. Make sure that the flaps are closed. Envelopes with Non-adhesive Flaps Important Make sure that the guides are positioned just lightly against the paper. The guides that are too tight or too loose can cause paper jams. Note Do not fill paper above the maximum fill line.

Note When printing from the bypass tray, set the size and type of the paper on your print driver. For more information, refer to the online help provided for the print driver. When [Bypass Mode] is set to [Panel Specified] default: [DriverSpecified] on the control panel, or when [Paper Size] is set to an option other than [Driver] defaultset the docuprint 3055 and type of the paper loaded in the bypass tray before requesting a print job.

The printer prints your job only when the settings on your print driver match the settings on the control docuprint 3055. Example Choukei 3. Make sure that the flaps are opened. Important For best print quality, do not use envelopes that: - are curled or twisted.


Loading Paper in the Trays docuprint 3055 - 4 When loading paper longer than 14" When the tray is extended, the extended portion sticks out from docuprint 3055 back of the printer. A5, B5, A4, and 8. When loading A5, B5, A4, or 8. For instructions on how to extend or unextend a tray, refer to Steps 2 and 3 in the following procedure. If you do not need to extend or unextend a tray, skip Steps 2 and 3. Normal Extended. If you do not need to extend the tray, proceed to Step 4. If you need to extend the tray, release the extension lock by sliding the left and right tabs in the tray outward. Extend or unextend the tray until the lock released in Step 2 is locked automatically.

Example: The tray is extended. Already have an account? This section describes how to print by changing the paper type setting of the trays.

Fuji Xerox DocuPrint

Page 58 From [Paper Size], select the size of the document to be printed. Click the [Layout] tab, and select the size docuprint 3055 the output paper from [Output Size].Overview.

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