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Oct 25, 1. Messages: germanium colorsound, Who makes Colorsound Overdriver clones? After the 90 day support time, you may still contact me for repairs, although there will be shipping and component charges.


Please confirm your email before sending messages. Reduces the voltage from 9 to 5. If you are just using one to EQ germanium colorsound add some light germanium colorsound to your sound, any of them will work. My favorite would have to be the 18v Power Boost from the Vintage Series, without the master volume.

There is something slightly better about the sound germanium colorsound the volume set to maximum and the way it interacts with my guitar's volume knob that I prefer more than the 9v versions. It is a subtle difference, but the tone is slightly better and there germanium colorsound more distortion than the 9v Power Boost and Overdriver Standard Series reissues. The built-in master volume versions are definitely more versatile, but there is a drawback to the versions I have owned.

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Even with the master set to zero, the circuit does not allow the volume to go down very low, or even off. The minimum volume level is higher than a typical unity volume germanium colorsound, especially germanium colorsound the drive knob is set high enough for a heavy orverdrive.

germanium colorsound If you have a bypass loop switcher, placing the pedal in a bypass loop with a Volume Pedal or a small Master Volume Box in line after it is one way to overcome this. Some have a foot switch, some do not.

9 Practical Modern Colorsound Power Boost Style Pedals

The pedal hasnt left my setup yet. And it probably never will. Well, it wasnt me, it was that pedal. They were usually shocked that i used one single gain pedal, a modulation and a delay, germanium colorsound got the amazing sounds I did.

Colorsound boost Search Results

But, again, I give the pedal germanium colorsound credit. It took my tone and playing to a whole new level. It really isnt the most versatile pedal out there, BUT if you take the time like you and I have, to learn the pedal, and how to control it, the results are astonishing. That smooth glassy tone just cant be matched. The Colorsound Germanium colorsound Boost is one of my favourite topics!

So, I germanium colorsound the gain much lower, raised the Master, and ran different Distortions through it. I have tried the Muffuletta directly into my Colordriver, and it did sound very Animals-y.

Food for thought, for future reviews:. Tube Driver. As always, thank you!


You Rock! Sincerely, Mike —.

Thanks for the input Mike!The Colorsound Power Boost- Germanium colorsound favourite David Gilmour tones. Posted on Buffalo FX Germanium Fuzz V2, CVIII Silicon Fuzz and 18v Power Booster review. The Colorsound Power Boost was one of the very first overdrive pedals to hit the.

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An additional pre-gain booster and switch for germanium overdrive makes it.

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