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At the core of the service is the ability to identify counterparties, thereby allowing customers to perform a range of on-line transactions on a global basis with the assurance that their trading partners are, indeed, who they say they are. At the same timethe percentage of sites that use no certificate or an invalid one issued for a different domain went down from The IdenTrust Rules Set governs how member banks issue and validate globally interoperable digital certificates. When applying for a certificate, our Certificate Selection Wizard will assist you in choosing the best certificate to meet your needs.

When IdenTrust is verifying your identity, certain ID information is required such as the driver's license, social security card, or other identrust smart card. If we are unable to verify those details, you will be asked via email to submit notarized documentation supporting what is listed on your application. Without this information, we cannot approve your certificate application. If the details cannot be authenticated, a new Part 2 form will be requested. The original or notarized copy of the original document s should be sent to:. If you receive an email requesting documentation, be sure to send either the original, or a notarized copy of the document. If information is missing, you will receive an email outlining what was missing on the form, as well as a copy of a blank Part 1 form.

Forms require a number of fields to be filled out, some of which sometimes get missed.


There can be other errors with the form as well. If information is missing, you will receive an email outlining what was missing on the form, as well identrust smart card a copy of a blank Part 2 form. Because of this, the approval process cannot be expedited.

You do have the option to request expedited shipping of the activation kit once the application has been approved. Please note: Once your application is approved, it will take up to 24 business hours for the identrust smart card kit to ship. The certificate policy requires certain forms of ID be provided at the time of in-person identification with the notary, Trusted Correspondent or ADE. An email from Registration IdenTrust. This email contains a unique verification code which you will use in addition to your account password to verify the email address. Electronic Signing vs. SafeNet Luna SA HSM provides cryptographic security for paper-to-digital initiatives, digital signatures, DNSSEC, hardware key storage, transactional acceleration, certificate signing, code or document signing, bulk key generation, data encryption, and more.

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SafeNet Authentication Client provides enhanced security to an already secure identrust smart card and authentication management IAM solution. Together, SafeNet and Aladdin have more than 50 years of security expertise in more than countries around the world.

Identrust: Certificate Services with SafeNet

Try a Quick Identrust smart card. The only bank-developed identity authentication system, IdenTrust provides a legally and technologically interoperable environment for authenticating and using identities in more than countries. Use the identrust smart card guidelines to choose your new IdenTrust certificate:. If you are affiliated with a State or Local government agency that is using for digital signing, sealing or access to secure government websites, use our State and Local Government Agencies Certificate Selection Wizard to assist you in choosing an IGC certificate.

If you are using your certificate to access U.


Order Numbers are a good solution for organizations that would like to purchase a large quantity of certificates, but do not want to identrust smart card to manage multiple voucher numbers. When an Order Number is requested and approved, the organization's Order Number administrator will receive the Order Number as well as a custom URL which can then be distributed to those who need to obtain the digital certificate. As a security measure, your activation code is valid for only one use. If your computer has had hardware or software problems and your certificate has been lost or corrupted, you will need to replace your certificate. If you wish to use your certificate on another computer, you will need to export your existing certificate to that computer. Visit our How Do I library for information about how to replace or export your certificate.

Installation instructions will vary depending the Identrust smart card that is used.

VASCO’s PKI-based DIGIPASS CertiID and DIGIPASS Key 1 become IdenTrust compliant

Please visit our How Do I library for detailed identrust smart card for installing your server certificate and the associated root chain. You will be provided with a retrieval kit and instructions for using our online website to retrieve your certificate, found here.

You will need to provide the Account Password that you chose when you applied for your certificate. Allowing others to use your certificate through sharing your password, Smart card or USB token password, or your private key weakens the security of the system and presents a security danger to you. Certificate holders found to have shared this confidential information will be notified that their certificates are subject to revocation. Visit our Contact Us page for more details about how to reach us and identrust smart card hours that our team is available.

Yes, your certificate is stored along with the identrust smart card key in your cryptographic module: your browser, your smart card or USB token. EktronURL hidden : this is an internal Ektron field that is not to be removed from the form. The following fields are optional and should only be modified by identrust smart card system administrator. Together, SafeNet and Aladdin have more than 50 years of security expertise in more than countries around the world.

DoD APLITS Requiring Client Certificates - Tachyon Dynamics

Webseminare Veranstaltungen Fallstudien Blog.SafeNet USB Token use existing, $0. OTP Token use existing, $0. HID Smart Card use existing, $0. HID Smart Card, $ HID Smart Card with reader, $ Which is better, a smart card or a USB token? . I received an email asking for a copy identrust smart card my driver's license, social security card and/or birth certificate – why is.

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