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If the active esx ballooning size is the same as the granted memory size, the demand for memory is greater than the memory resources available. If the active memory is consistently low, the memory size might be too large. Add physical memory to the host. The Memory Balloon chart displays balloon memory on a host.

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Understanding VMware Ballooning

esx ballooning Please create a username to comment. When the host system runs low on physical RAM resources, memory ballooning allocates it selectively esx ballooning VMs. If a VM only uses a portion of the memory that it was allocated, the ballooning technique makes it available for the host to use.


For example, if all the VMs on a host are allocated 8 GB of memory, some of the VMs will only use half the allotted share. Meanwhile, one VM esx ballooning need 12 GB of memory for an intensive process. esx ballooning

Understanding VMware Ballooning

What is important to know esx ballooning that the hypervisor ESXi has no knowledge of what is happening inside the virtual machine grey area. This driver is called a Balloon Driver.

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When the host needs to free up some memory it will notify a special driver esx ballooning that is installed as part of the VMTools. This driver then consumes some of the memory that the guest OS believes is physically present esx ballooning the virtual machine.


I think that in esx ballooning you do not want your VMs to balloon at all a d you really do not want any swapping. That makes me think you do not have enough ram for your needs. Both of these will impact performance on both VMs involved.

Swapping is worse than ballooning, but both are bad things to have. The root of the issue is that at least one of your VMs does not have enough RAM allocated for it to use. The esx ballooning. On my test box the calculation is: 32GB - But take a look at the top output below: Notice that top says I have only MB free and that a whopping The virtual machine has no knowledge if the memory is mapped to physical memory or to a disk.

What do you think are the most common misconceptions among administrators about ballooning? Migrate Windows vCenter Server 6.


Along with the swap files detailed above, with ESXi 5 a second swap file is used for every virtual machine that has a guest hardware version of 7 or above. Esx ballooning swap file is dedicated esx ballooning memory overhead for the virtual machine and is used when the host is is under memory constraint.

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The amount of memory overhead required is determined by a number of different factors including the number of vCPU allocated, the amount esx ballooning RAM, and whether 3D support is enabled. Under this task, all aspects of the project will be handled. A time schedule and resource plan will be defined from the beginning, which will be continuously monitored and updated after each project meeting.VMware Memory Ballooning is one of memory reclamation technique used by hypervisor, when ESXi Memory Ballooning will be active, if your ESXi host Memory state is soft.

VMware Memory Management Part 3 - Memory Ballooning

Difference between VMware ESX and ESXi. Today we'll learn What is VMware Memory Ballooning.

It is a memory reclamation technique using a Balloon driver installed via VMware tools.

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