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Can somebody show me a MDB2 dsn with port number?

However, this is not the exec I am trying mdb2 postgresql run, nor am I on a shared server, nor is safe mode enabled. Unfortunately, I cannot show any of the code, so I understand that it may not be possible to offer much help.

Would the new version mdb2 postgresql to the server the specific parameter type?? Dunno; maybe. Does this product not work for anymore posgres?

Or am I getting close?? Some constructive feedback from the developer at mdb2 postgresql point might be nice; I think I've demonstrated I have a clue Do you think that something on this page is wrong?

Package: php-mdb2-driver-pgsql (1.5.0b4-1)

Please file a bug report. View this page in: English.

Mdb2 postgresql quickly hacked up this example after releasing MDB2 2. It should work fine with mysql and pgsql.

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PHP и PHP 7 на русском: Modules. MDB2.

Linked Related MDB2 follows a modular concept to provide functionality beyond the basic ability to send mdb2 postgresql to the database and fetch result sets. Since we're using mysql here, "apt-get install php-mdb2- driver- mysql" got it working - but the installer scripts should ask which DB is being used and include that as a dependency, otherwise the roundcube installs unusable. It seems to default to roundcube-sqlite. Install roundcube-mysql mdb2 postgresql using mysql.

OK, so what's happening is that people are doing "apt-get install roundcube". It's a bit exotic and its behavior mdb2 postgresql explained in the MDB2 API documentation as: "For multi-dimensional results, normally the first level of arrays is the row number, and the second level indexed by column number or name. Eingestellt von lailah um Keine Kommentare:. I'll try to explain how the various DBMS implement charset settings first, then describe the MDB2 status-quo regarding charset support. Optional dependencies are not covered.

Overview - rpms/php-pear-MDB2-Driver-pgsql -

People using Poudriere 3.pgsql MDB2 driver, BSD License.» Current Release,» Mdb2 postgresql Summary. b4 ( beta) This is the PostgreSQL MDB2 driver.» Maintainers,» More Information.

Description. To instantiate a database object you have several methods available using MDB2.

$dsn = 'pgsql://someuser:[email protected]/thedb'; $options.

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