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Command-line Options - InterBase

This is the lower bound to which you as a multilevel user can set curwrite during a session. The column separator appears at the beginning and the end of each column isql default each row.


They both reside in the same directory and are differentiated by their executable file names isql and isql If you do not specify a timeout value, a command runs indefinitely. On Linux, this file is owned by the root user and so, must be updated isql default the root user.

No other tool gives us that kind of value and insight. Sign up using Email and Password. If you use -i and do not specify your password on the command line, isql prompts you for it. No conversion takes isql default. Use this if the client and server use the same character set. Omitting -J sets isql default character set to a default for the platform.

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sddr-88Using isql with a Connection String

Isql default to: navigationsearch. Some builds require additional C compiler and other environment flags to be set before running the configure command, specially when building bit versions of the server.

Command-line options for starting the SQL interactive interface

The following example connects to a secured database named payroll as user Master with password j77b The following example shows how to process multiple Isql default statements. For every wildcard that isql reads, isql displays a prompt that accepts your input but does not echo the input to the screen.

The default wildcard is :? Displays a brief description of syntax and usage for the isql utility consisting of a list of available arguments. Isql default the contents of the command history log file, if it exists, when isql starts.

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  • Connecting To A Database
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  • Thu, 01 Feb 2018
  • Command-line Options

By default, the command history feature is off. Use --history command line option to activate it.


If you do not isql default the p option, the command history log is deleted after its contents are loaded into memory. A relative path is based on the current directory. If you do not indicate a path, the history log is saved in the current isql default.

UnixODBC - isql

Use -a without -J only if the client character set is the same as the default character set. Other characters produce conversion errors. Character set conversion issues are covered more thoroughly isql default the Adaptive Server Enterprise System Administration Guide. Specifies the network packet size to use for this isql session. For example, the following sets the packet size to bytes for this isql session:. Resets the command terminator.

isql default When you reset the command terminator, do not use SQL reserved words or control characters. If you do not use the p option, the command history log is deleted after its contents are loaded into memory.The default is 60 seconds. This value affects only the time that isql waits for the server to respond to a login attempt.

Isql default specify a timeout period for command. Specifies the maximum timeout value allowed when connecting to Adaptive Server. The default is 60 seconds. This value affects only the time that isql waits for.

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