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We offer you professional, reliable, just-in-time translation services, which you can experience deeply when you contact with us. The dl t5019 benchmark point shall The trolley then shall lift the load dl t5019 1. After the removing of the loads, the inspection over whether the permanent deformation happens to the door panel or the bridge framework shall be carried out.

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This action shall be carried out three times and no permanent dl t5019 shall be found on the door panel or the bridge framework. The trolley shall be driven to the landing leg of the gate hoist or the span end of the bridge framework. The actual upper bend value and the upwarp value shall be no less than 0.

Then, the trolley shall be kept on the midspan and the cantilever dl t5019. It shall lift a rated load and inspections over the deflection value calculated from the upper dl t5019 value and the upwarp value of the girder shall be carried out. After the static load test, all parts of the gate hoist shall have no phenomena like the failure, looseness or damage of connections that influence the safety and function of the gate hoists shall happen.

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The dynamic loading rest shall adopt the load 1. The test shall adopt the system combination method according to the design requirements. Two systems shall be operated at dl t5019 same time. Repeated start, dl t5019, parking, co-rotation, reversal shall be carried out for one hour. All systems shall be flexible and reliable.

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The limit switch, security protection interlocking devices and the anticreep device shall act correctly and reliably. No flaw shall dl t5019 found in the spare parts.

No looseness shall be found on the joint. The integrity of the spare parts and the correctness of the physical dimension shall dl t5019 examined. The preassembling sign shall be marked.

If the landing leg and the girder are not preassembled, reliable techniques shall be adopted to The hoisting mechanism shall undergo the experiment when there is no steel wire rope or hook. The non-load running test shall make all systems rotate positively and reversely for more than 30min accumulatively. All systems shall run normally after the test. The straightness tolerance of the external diameter busbar shall be no greater than 0. After the processing, the stainless steel layer thickness shall be no less than 1mm. The coating thickness on a single side shall be 0. The manufacture of the guide sleeve shall meet the following requirements: 1 The guide surface coordination tolerance of dimension shall be no lower than level H9 and level e8 in GB GB or GB The fastener dl t5019 the upper and lower flanges and the fasteners for the sealing devices shall undergo the antiseptic treatment.

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Download Cry9 Decrypter 3. Hydraulic elements shall have quality certificates and provide certification of quality and in-plant records. They shall also have dl t5019 and beautiful outline and no damage. Before the assembly of the hydraulic cylinder, kerosene shall be used to clean the spare parts.

Hydraulic elements shall be decomposed and cleaned according to circumstances. No rapture shall happen to the spring in the valve. The valve body shall be able to freely fluctuate and no blockage shall happen. During the assembly, the surface of the spare parts shall have no bumping or dl t5019 mark. It is prohibited to adopt the iron rod to knock the spare parts. The fasteners shall be dl t5019 down according to the order. The oil seal shall be compressed to the design size.

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The joints of two neighboring oil-tight joints shall be staggered higher than 90o. No externally oil leakage or crawling shall happen. V. Dl t5019. V.

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