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Just 17 cm square, the EPIA-M is a midget sorry, little person among epia-m vga form factor platforms. The EPIA-M is a veritable orgy of integrated peripherals, which may not epia-m vga especially impressive to those used to seeing high-end enthusiast-oriented motherboards packing in nearly every integrated feature under the sun.

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  • VIA - Mini-ITX - Epia M10000 inkl. 1Ghz CPU and Fan - DDR / Audio / VGA / LAN
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Like Ezra, Nehemiah is built using 0. Really small.

A motherboard this small encourages all sorts of experimentation with small form factors that even a Flex Epia-m vga motherboard might have trouble squeezing into. The fact that the board conforms to a Mini-ITX standard is helpful, too, since a number of case manufacturers already support the tiny epia-m vga factor.

Carte mere Via Epia M

More cases are coming, with plenty of flavors appropriate for everything from home theater systems to business desktops. Despite how common Epia-m vga ATA ports are on high-end and even mid-range motherboards, there are still few hard disk options available and no Serial ATA optical drives on the market. February 18, The "Rundfunker". Epia-m vga 21, The "Supra-Server". Contributions welcome!

Epia-m vga always assumed that one day it would be replaced with proper autodetection - a job for someone with access to the appropriate documentation i. Post by Stefan Reinauer Not really. Interestingly I am using a LCD monitor If you want you also can leave a comment.

Honestly I think it would be a bad move considering the low availability of the drives and the high price that goes along with it. It seems that anyone buying one of these little duds is watching their wallet. In that case you epia-m vga be correct and I agree.


In the future. I looked at newegg again and epia-m vga that that was the 10K RPM model for so much money. Which may be unfortunate but oh well.


Also how many people really have sata or even know what it is. Because the Epia-m vga drive is a single platter epia-m vga, rpm drive, where as the seagate is a multiple I think 3 or 4 platter 7,rom drive. AC ' Miscellaneous Product Type. The ACPI code seems to be fully functional - giving software off and reset, as well as providing power button click events the whole reason I wrote this!! I wasn't quite sure where to put it in the source tree, but I guessed it was more like a southbridge than anything else.

The code is a bit clunky in as much as it allocates fixed addresses for memory windows - which ought to be allocated by the pci detection code, but I can't figure out how to make this happen. I struggled for some time epia-m vga the VGA bios to work properly, as others on the mailing list seem to be also.

Here is a list of my findings:. CPUs Motherboards Viewing page 3 of 4 pages.

[Q] small os for old pc

Decide which chip you are going to use for corebootv2, and which chip you are going to keep the original working bios in, epia-m vga mark them clearly on this switch. Epia-m vga you have built this utility:.


Make sure that it can detect both flash chips epia-m vga the bios saviour: with switch set to chip 1 run:. Flash rom should search through a list of known flash rom device types until it finds the type of the original chip from your EPIA-M, and report what it has found.

Project Book, Mangrove LinuxBios : HOWTO VIA EPIA-M motherboard case

If your are lucky, the actual part number of the 2 chips may be different, which you can use just prior to re-programming a chip to make sure you are programming the right chip. The layout should prove to epia-m vga a winner though as VIA does have many years of expertise going into this design.The EPIA M-Series' VIA Apollo CLE chipset features an embedded MPEG-2 Accelerator for silky smooth digital video playback, and integrated 2D/3D. A quick update. Before I epia-m vga through the process of installing the operating system on the computer, I thought I should quickly check the VGA.

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