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You also have the ability to draw minolta dimage scan dual scanner own curve, using a pencil tool, allowing you to create abrupt discontinuities if desired. Minolta added a unique twist to the tone curves though, in the form of white and black-point eyedropper controls, which work in the same way as the equivalent controls on the histogram screen. While a seemingly minor point, the eyedroppers can quickly make gross adjustments in the overall tone and color balance, and provide a good jumping-off point for your own finer adjustments.

Test Results As always with Imaging Resource reviews, we encourage you to let your own eyes be the final judge: Look at the sample images, download them, print them out on your own printer, and decide for yourself how well the Dimage Scan Dual would meet your requirements! Overall, the Dimage Scan Dual turned in a good performance, competing well in the "personal" scanner catetory with other units in its price minolta dimage scan dual scanner. Particularly when compared to the digital cameras that constitute the other major review focus of this site, readers are bound to be impressed with the incredible amounts minolta dimage scan dual scanner detail a scanner like the Dimage Scan Dual can extract from a slide or negative. We found that the Dimage Scan Dual produced good scans with the default settings, and that the software controls available made for easy modification of the images.

On the Mac, the default settings tended to produce slide scans that were slightly dark with our screen gamma set to the "standard" value of 1.


A minor bump of the midtone point using the histogram control quickly brought the overall tone into a reasonable minolta dimage scan dual scanner though. By comparison, scans of color negatives were a bit light, but a minor drop of the midtone point tended to quickly compensate. Color balance overall was quite good, although by default, the scanner tended to add a bit of magenta to things red and blue together. Start by using the most intuitive feature, "Pixel Polish," a more sophisticated tool than "Auto Image Correction.

Try each of the "Pixel Polish" features and observe the effect that it produces on the large preview image. This tool produced better results, but only after a lot of tedious experimentation to determine the suitable settings. In all other respects, including speed, I would rate this machine very highly. Reflecta RPS 10M.

The Minolta Dimage Scan Dual II film scanner

Projection Screens. Flat view. Jul 30, Jul 31, It seems that I'm having a problem with some of my scans. I've provided two exam I haven't made many comparisons yet and no prints, but the dpi original x seems to hold up longer and doesn't have as many artifacts under high magnification in the Windows Photo Viewer. We've only recently begun meauring preview and scan times, so won't minolta dimage scan dual scanner comparable numbers for many scanners we've previously tested. From this point on though, we'll be measuring these throughput-related timings on a routine basis Minolta dimage scan dual scanner and User Interface Other than the actual scans themselves, most of the story to be told about a film scanner has to do with the software that drives it, and to what extent the combination of hardware and software makes it easy to produce good-quality scans.

Accordingly, we'll devote a sizable minolta dimage scan dual scanner this review to talking about the software that drives Minolta's Dimage family of scanners, and the Dimage Scan Dual in particular. As noted several times already, we feel that Minolta has done a particularly good job of balancing capability with ease-of-use. This is a difficult equation to optimize, as the needs of "beginners" and "experts" can vary so widely.

A few scanning tips

At the same time, the goal should be to provide a smooth gradation of capability, not introducing any abrupt hurdles to overcome as the users advance in their sophistication. As we write this, we're still searching for our "formula" that works best for scanner reviews, but are generally settling on a format in which we step through the scanner controls in the minolta dimage scan dual scanner order that a user would encounter them.

For a more complete walk-through of scanner operation, check out Minolta's excellent web site for their scanners: They've put together a comprehensive "on-line demo" of how the software works. The Control Window s The most basic options and functions of the Dimage Scan Dual scanner are minolta dimage scan dual scanner via the Control window, shown below in its two versions.

DiMAGE Scan Dual IV Film Scanner Specs & Prices

This window represents a merging of two windows on the earlier version of Minolta's scanning software, and greatly improves ease of use in our opinion. If you have problems with this scanner hanging, try replacing the USB cable with a newer USB cable, preferably a shorter one.

It allows cropping and focus and Exposure Lock. One big minolta dimage scan dual scanner, is the fact that sometimes the Scan Dual IV will scan holder after holder of slides without any problems at all, then for no known reason it will lock up in the middle of scanning a slide.


When it does that, the only way to get out of the software and the lock is to unplug the power plug in the rear of the scanner. This one has already broken down.

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Repair, replacement? Verified purchase: Yes Condition: Pre-owned. Minolta released a Minolta dimage scan dual scanner Dual IV, which scans at DPI with all the same features and software, so if it's like the III, I'd nab it right away if you're looking for a well-priced, well-performing film scanner. I downloaded the trial version of Vuescan but can't seem to get it to work. The detection and installation of the scanner when I plug in the USB cable is hit or miss for one, and once it does connect, Vuescan freezes if I try to start it.

Vuewscan seems to only start when the scanner isn't properly connected and isn't detected by the computer and Vuescan kicks out the no scanner connected error. Connector Type. Type B. A film scanner that offers precise focus, dust and debris removal, and image editing, the device offers clear, crisp, rich 3, dpi image resolution.The Minolta Dimage Scan Dual II is a 35 mm film scanner, in the low-end price range, under $ US. It is rather different from the previous Dual model, this minolta dimage scan dual scanner. Evaluation: When used with the Easy Scan Utility the DiMAGE Scan Dual IV is no flat-bed scanner with TPU, making the Konica Minolta model a fine choice.

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