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A single averaged value of all points measured on each level is calculated, and an average distance from 38dl plus to all points measured on each level is also used. Measurement of Fiberglass Gelcoat.

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38dl plus Cast Shop Technology5. A custom transducer setup has to be made for each layer of the material to be measured. The gage automatically centers DataWin1 on the detected Barrier Layer echo.

The width of DataWin1 should be set so the 38dl plus echo is within the gate. Note: In Mode 2 the echo in DataWin1 is used as a reference echo for the advanced algorithm.

Olympus 38DL Plus

Multilayer software option for measurements of up to four layers simultaneously High Penetration software option for attenuating materials such as fiberglass, rubber and thick casting Thickness, Velocity, and time-of-flight measurements Differential mode and Reduction Rate mode Time-based B-scan mode; 10, reviewable readings per 38dl plus Olympus High Dynamic Gain technology with digital filters V-Path Builder for custom V-path compensation Designed for EN Start Date. End Date. Where will equipment be used?


Page of Go. 38dl plus, Nove Page 77 - Figure Performing the zero calibrati Page 89 - Figure Measuring with the automatic The 38DL PLUS has a full-featured internal bidirectional alphanumeric data logger that is designed to easily collect and transfer thickness readings and waveform data. One of the major applications of the 38DL PLUS is measuring the remaining thickness of pipes, tubes, tanks, pressure vessels, hulls, and other structures affected by corrosion or erosion. Dual element transducers are most commonly 38dl plus for these applications.

Olympus 38DL PLUS Basic Operation Manual

The waveform at the minimum thickness is also captured. Single crystal probe measurement mode.

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A, June Chapter 11 To create an incremental data file 1. The resulting file is inclusive of the starting and ending points and all incremental points in between 38dl plus examples in Table 11 on page To create a sequential data file 1. The resulting file is inclusive of the start and end points and all points in between.

In addition, multiple thickness readings per ID number location are assigned using the assigned custom points. Use the sequential with custom point data file type for example when you want to measure along a pipe or tube, where at each ID number location, you can take measurements at the top, bottom, left, and right of the pipe see an example in Table 12 on page A, June Using the Datalogger The allowable number of characters for each custom point depends on the ID number of characters defined in the start and end ID values. The total number of 38dl plus of the ID value plus the custom points cannot exceed 20 characters.

To create a sequential data file with custom points 1. A, June Chapter 11 Figure Configuring the ID range for 38dl plus sequential with custom points data file type Each part of the ID number corresponds to a particular matrix dimension.


A 2-D two-dimensional sequence begins with the ID number that refers to the first column and the first row see Figure on page Then the column or row increments one 38dl plus at a time until the sequence reaches the last column or row value while 38dl plus other dimension value stays constant. At this point, the other dimension increments from its first to its last value. This continues until the ID number that refers to the last column and the last row is reached.

38dl Plus Ultrasonic Thickness Guage, 38 DLP ID:

You can select to first increment either the columns or the rows. A, June Using the Datalogger Figure General 2-D grid example A grid structure may associate one dimension of the grid with the physical parts whose wall thickness is to be measured. The particular measurement points on each part are then associated with the other dimension of the grid see the example in Figure on page A, June Chapter 11 Figure One grid for 75 identical parts Alternatively, the rows and columns of a grid may refer to a two-dimensional map of measurement points on the surface of one part. In this case, a different grid is made for each part see the examples in Figure on page Figure Configuring the ID range for a 2-D 38dl plus data file type The 38DL PLUS has the ability to add a row, add a column, and change the incrementing direction after a grid file is created see section The 38DL PLUS is an innovative instrument that signals a new era in ultrasonic thickness gaging.

Ideally suited 38dl plus almost every ultrasonic thickness application, this handheld thickness gage is fully 38dl plus with a full line of dual and single element transducers. The 38DL PLUS is an innovative instrument that signals a new era in ultrasonic thickness gaging. Ideally suited for almost every ultra- sonic thickness.

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