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Feitian ePass Smart SD Card

The purpose is to ensure privacy by keeping information feitian epass2000 from anyone for whom it is not intended. Decryption is the reverse of encryption; it is the transformation of encrypted data back into an intelligible form. Authentication is when you verify certain information.


You can verify the feitian epass2000 of a document, the identity of the sender, the identity of a computer, and so on. The problem with such symmetric encryption is that if the key becomes known, anyone can decrypt the data.

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The key element of public key feitian epass2000 is that it removes the need to use the same key for encryption and decryption. In public key cryptography, you use a key pair when you encrypt and decrypt messages. This key pair consists of a public key, which is published widely, and a private key, which is kept secretly and only known to the owner. The public key is used to encrypt messages and the private key is used to decrypt them.

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For example, suppose Alice wishes to send a secret email message to Bob, she uses Bob's public key to encrypt the feitian epass2000 and sends it to Bob. Bob then uses his private key to decrypt the message and read it.

Any eavesdropper cannot decrypt the message. Anyone can send an encrypted message to Bob, but only Bob can read it because only Bob knows his own private key. In an ePass PKI environment, digital certificates are used to distribute public keys; and the private keys are kept safely encrypted on the feitian epass2000 token.

A certificate is an electronic feitian epass2000, which identifies a person and associates a person with a public key. Public key cryptography uses certificates to address the problem of impersonation. Figure 3. A PKI environment consists of standards and services that support applications feitian epass2000 public key cryptography.

A Certificate Authority CA issues a digital certificate for a particular user by digitally signing a set of data. The key to this system is whether the person receiving the information trusts the Feitian epass2000 issuing the certificate. As long as users trusts the CA and its business policies for issuing and managing certificates, they can trust certificates issued by the CA. They can be either independent third parties or organizations running their own certificate-issuing server software such as the Netscape Certificate Server.

The certificate issued by the CA binds a particular public key to the name of the entity the certificate identifies such as the name of an employee. Certificates help prevent the use of fake public keys for feitian epass2000. In addition, ePass is remarkably versatile and Feitian's SDK may be used to create many other user defined applications.


The wiki is breaking google or bablefish with redirection to port on "http" only. Knowledge base Learn how to protect your data feitian epass2000 use our software. Martin PaljakePass Support Windows 7 (32/64bits). Nov 29th, FEITIAN is improving its ePass series products to support new releases of Windows systems. FEITIAN's ePass and ePass network tokens were awarded the Microsoft XP signature. Microsoft's XP signature feitian epass2000 ensures that.

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