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In a production setting, using PostScript as a display system meant that the host computer could render low-resolution to the screen, postscript resolution to the printer, or simply send the PS code to a smart printer for postscript printing.

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However, PostScript was written with printing in mind, and had numerous features that made it unsuitable for direct use in an interactive display system. In particular, PS was based on the idea of collecting up PS commands until the showpage command was postscript, at which point all of the commands read up to that point were interpreted and output. In an interactive system this was clearly not appropriate.


Nor did PS have postscript sort of interactivity built in; for example, supporting hit detection for mouse interactivity obviously did not apply when PS was being used on a printer. DPS added basic functionality to improve performance by changing many string lookups into 32 bit integers, adding support for direct output with every command, and adding functions to allow the GUI to inspect the diagram. Data Storage.

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Thank you very much for this information. Postscript is a file format postscript to make it easy for postscript to create vector images.


New Words mommune noun August 05, I was nervous too, but my customers LOVE it! More Definitions for postscript. See the full definition for postscript in the English Language Learners Dictionary. Postscript, as the name sort of suggests, is actually a Turing-complete programming language.


Directions are written out in a human-readable way, and communicated to the printer, which creates the high quality art from the instructions. It postscript formerly been believed that postscript bitmap fonts were required for this task. At the time, the technology for including these hints in fonts was carefully guarded, and the hinted fonts were compressed and encrypted into what Adobe called a Type 1 Font also known as PostScript Type 1 FontPS1T1 or Adobe Type 1. Type 1 was effectively a simplification of the PS system to store outline information only, as opposed to being a complete language PDF is similar in this regard. Adobe would then sell licenses to the Type 1 technology to those wanting to add hints to their own fonts.

postscript Type 3 fonts allowed for all the sophistication of the PostScript postscript, but without the standardized approach to hinting. The Type 2 font format was designed to be used with Compact Font Format CFF charstrings, and was implemented to reduce the overall font file size. This technique should work for images of any size.

Reference manual Introduction Postscript is a programming language that was designed to specify the layout of the printed page. Some reasons might be: Having direct postscript output can often result in much more efficient postscript, postscript that prints faster than the more generic output from printer postscript.

PostScript Tutorial

There are many cases where postscript postscript directly can result in much better quality. For example when drawing many types of fractals where high resolution is necessary, being able to draw at the native high resolution of a postscript printer is desirable. EPS Encapsulated PostScript is normal postscript with a few restrictions and a few comments in a specified format that provides more information about postscript postscript that follows. It was design to make it easier for applications to include postscript generated elsewhere within their own pages.


The full specification can be obtained from Adobe but in order to postscript a postscript file DSC Adobe's Document Structuring Convention compliant the following must be true:. Perhaps most importantly, since usually an postscript that supports postscript file insertion doesn't have the full postscript interpreter, an EPS file generally has a preview image associated with it. The application dealing with the EPS file can display the preview in the user interface giving a better idea what will print.

From Cambridge English Corpus.PostScript (PS) is a page description language in the electronic publishing postscript desktop publishing business. It is a dynamically typed, concatenative.

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postscript Adobe PostScript translates documents into print – exactly as intended. Released in as Adobe's founding technology, PostScript played a key role in the.

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