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The ati powerxpress will ati powerxpress the ATI Mobility Radeon HD discrete graphics card, which is specially designed to work with an integrated graphics card to either crunch extreme graphics or to get better system performance-per-watt, said Scott Shutter, mobile division brand manager at AMD. Due to this, dynpm only works when a single head is active. It also enables clock and power gating.

AMD-ATI PowerXPress in desktop mainboard chipsets - Phoronix Forums

Unfortunately, using aticonfig --px-dgpu AND changing PowerXpress through the Catalyst GUI have no effect; after restarting X, --px-l will report being in high-power mode, but the GUI will not, and fglrxinfo still shows the being used. Usually the infamous "check battery state" freeze. Reinstalling the old drivers from ctrl-alt-f2 not always sufficient to put things right; I've reinstalled Ubuntu twice in the past 24 hours. Only the package name has changed, while ati powerxpress kernel module retains its original fglrx. Therefore, any mention of fglrx below is specifically in reference to the kernel module, not the package.

AMD gets official with ATI Mobility Radeon HD and PowerXpress

Note: The catalyst and catalyst-stable repositories share the same URL. If you need to stick with an old version, there are also some versioned repositories using the same URL for example catalyst-stable Note: If pacman asks you about removing libgl you can safely do so. Tip: If using another kernel besides the regular ati powerxpress kernel, you must have the headers package for that kernel installed to build the fglrx module.

Warning: catalyst package was removed from Vi0L0's repository, its place was taken by catalyst-hook. Warning: If you install the Catalyst package from ati powerxpress AUR, you will have to rebuild Catalyst every time the kernel is updated.

Otherwise X will fail to start. Note: To adhere to the new config location use aticonfig [ The drawback is that many aticonfig options rely on an xorg. Note: Kernel mode setting is a requirement in order to run Xorg Rootless Xorg. Warning: In recent versions of Xorg, ati powerxpress paths of libs are changed. So, sometimes libGL.


Check this if your GL is not working. Please read Troubleshooting section for details. Note: If you are at all uncomfortable or inexperienced with making packages, read up ati powerxpress ABS wiki page first so things go smoothly.


Note: If you run multiple kernels, you have to ati powerxpress the catalyst-utils AUR packages for all kernels. They will not conflict with one another. Message 1 of 2.

This process works automatically and without restarting, making the laptop run more efficiently when you're out and need your laptop to last all day. To decide ati powerxpress to pay the extra cost of a discrete ATI card, consider what you'll use the laptop for.

PowerXpress error with Driver Catalyst. How can I fix it? Ask Question. Retrieved Archived from the original on ati powerxpress Every frame is rendered by a different graphics core with this technique.

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ati powerxpress The driver is able to dynamically switch between the onboard graphics for low demanding tasks like office and the dedicated graphics core for demanding tasks e. A second stream e.


You signed in with another ati powerxpress or window. Reload to refresh your session.I have a ati powerxpress Lenovo IdeaPad GA with Intel HD Graphics and AMD Radeon HD M videocards (PowerXpress. AMD (NYSE:AMD) today announced that ATI PowerXpress™ users can double or triple the performance of the.

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