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VAS B, A, , A Base CD/Brand DVD By Supercartools, Taiwan

Members List. Mark Forums Read. Note The only functions and components definitely displayed are those for vehicle systems marked in the "Vehicle system test" mask fig. In this way, you compile your own "User test plan". The names of the selected functions or components appear in the "Test plan" mask under "User test plan" see section 6. This is presumed for the example which follows. Function, repair group, component group and component vas 5051b selected from lists displayed over several masks, similar to the procedure for the complaint report see section 6. When selecting functions and components, the screen layout develops in the form of levels, with each level distinguished by an indent to the right when compared with the previous item selected. Each indent signifies a selection in a mask.

Vas 5051b you want to jump back one level, select a higher level not the Back button since this takes you directly back to the test plan! The next mask will be shown automatically when the selection is made.

Specify the function or component in more detail in the masks which follow. If you want to change your selection, vas 5051b the preceding selection.


Note If you do not go through all of the steps, after the confirmation of a message all of the components and functions coming under the step last reached are included in the test plan. In this submask, select the desired component or a function. The selection will be displayed until you touch "Continue", which will take you to the test plan. After the first selection, the Go to destination "Documents" is available for selection permanently vas 5051b the Go to Destination menu. Documents graphics, text are displayed in the work window.


If they are larger than the work window, they will be vas 5051b with a vertical scroll bar. Documents are also found in the function test masks. There they are made available directly via a row of up to six numbered and correspondingly labelled buttons see section 6.

You can activate the "Select document" dialog box for a selected function or vas 5051b component via the "Go to" destination menu. The documents that can be displayed are listed in the "Select document" dialog box. Select the desired document, and press the Display button. The document will then be displayed. The displayed document can contain hotspots sensitive rectangular areas. If you touch a hotspot on the screen, you will be shown the document associated with it. The priority of the tests is expressed in their sequence. In the actual example, the contents of the fault memory lead to a test suggestion that is entered in the test plan and preselected vas 5051b. Pressing the Continue button will begin the marked function test.

The test plan shows one or several symptoms blue font above the suspect module or function diagnostic object.

VAS 5051B, 5052A, 6150, 6150A Base CD/Brand DVD

The diagnostic object is preceded by a status see table If you select it and press "Continue", an appropriately linked function test is started. Afterwards, the status of the vas 5051b object is updated.

In addition, the function test can enter new diagnostic objects in the test plan or set existing ones to "OK". Diagnostic objects entered in the test plan by a function test, appear directly under the previously selected diagnostic object - slightly to the right. You do not always have to adhere to the suggested sequence of the function tests. vas 5051b

The "static" or "sporadic" fault no longer present at the moment vas 5051b type plays a role for the sequence of the diagnostic objects.Since introduction of the VAS in the workshops, the time required for fault finding on vehicles has been considerably reduced. Due to complex vehicle. Description: Dealerships diagnostic tool for VAG group (the entire range). Replacing the VAS Includes the following modes: • Self-test vehicle; • System.

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