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The best configuration is usually to make one computer the server, with the others as clients of it.

This configuration will be better because. Starting from version 1. The online command can be issued chrony rtc chronyc to force chronyd to try to resolve the names immediately. Starting from version 2. This is done by default since version 2. You can specify an unprivileged user with the -u option, or the user directive in the chrony. The configure script has a --with-user option, which sets the default user. On Linux, chronyd needs to be compiled with support for the libcap library.

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Post by Mauro Condarelli I understand all this should be possible with chrony, but I didn't find the right spell. The ratelimit directive supports a number of options chrony rtc can be chrony rtc in any order : interval This option sets the minimum interval between responses. It is defined as a power of 2 in seconds.


The default value is 3 8 seconds. The minimum value is packets per second and the maximum value is 12 one packet per seconds. Note that with values below -4 the rate limiting is chrony rtc responses are allowed in bursts, even if the interval between them is shorter than the specified interval. This is useful for clients that make rapid measurements on start e.

Bug # “enabling RTC support is blocked by apparmor” : Bugs : chrony package : Ubuntu

The default value is 8. The minimum value is 1 and chrony rtc maximum value is This is necessary to prevent an attacker who is sending requests with a spoofed source address from completely blocking responses to that address.

The minimum value is 1 and the maximum value is 4. If a large offset has been accumulated, it can take a very long time to smooth it out. This directive should be used chrony rtc when the clients are not configured to also poll another NTP server, because they could reject this server as a falseticker or fail to select a source completely. The smoothing process is implemented with a quadratic spline function with two or three pieces.

It is independent from any slewing applied to the local system clock, but the accumulated offset and frequency will be reset when the clock is corrected by stepping, e. The process can be reset without stepping the clock by the smoothtime reset command. The first two arguments of the directive are the maximum frequency offset of the smoothed time to the tracked NTP time in ppm and chrony rtc maximum rate at which the frequency offset is allowed to change in ppm per second. The leaponly option is useful in a combination with the leapsecmode slew directive to allow the clients to use multiple time smoothing servers safely. It can be also activated manually by the smoothtime activate command, which is particularly useful when the clock is synchronised only with manual input and the skew is always larger than the threshold.


The smoothing command can be used to monitor the process. An example suitable for clients using ntpd and second polling interval could be: smoothtime 0. On systems other than Linux, the address of the interface chrony rtc to chrony rtc already configured when chronyd is started. This directive can also change the path of the Unix domain command socket, which is used by chronyc to send configuration commands.

18.2. Understanding chrony and Its Configuration

The socket must be in a directory that is accessible only by the root or chrony user. The directory chrony rtc be created on start if it does not exist. By default, chronyd binds to chrony rtc loopback interface with addresses This blocks all access except from localhost.

To listen for command packets on all interfaces, you can add the lines: bindcmdaddress 0. For each of the IPv4, IPv6, and Unix domain chrony rtc, only one bindcmdaddress directive can be specified.

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dg43rk2. Configuration issues
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The syntax is identical to the allow RTC in your computer. a Linux chrony rtc an rtcfile directive in your file.


Two programs are included in chrony, chronyd is a daemon that can be started . Otherwise, chrony will not be able to interact with the RTC chrony rtc and will give.


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