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It is intended for contexts of software installation and de-installation, and other maintenance contexts that require the database acsdb or the GUI infrastructure rmi-registry and surrogate to be shutdown. Acsls display a verbose status summary of the acsls display ACSLS services and includes pointers to log data for further analysis in troubleshooting contexts. Remove active locks to your current lock ID on spe cified drives or volumes or all active locks. At some point, that media might appear as exported in the CommCell Console.

Current state reflects whether a library component is ready and communicating, limited by the desired state of the component and higher level components. For example, if acsls display desired state of acsls display LSM is online but it is not ready, its current state is offline.

Library Management

The current state of all LSMs and drives are also set to offline because they are acsls display inaccessible. Likewise, when the current state of an LSM changes to offline, the current state of all drives in the LSMs become offline. The desired state of the drives does not change. Changing the desired state of a library component does not acsls display the desired state of lower level components. This lets you vary selected drives in an LSM offline to make them inaccessible.


Sorting is based on internal database values, and may not always display in acsls display order. For example, media type is sorted by an internal numeric media type and not by the literal that is display.


To display all volumes entered between a. The display commands are: "display cap" Displays specific CAP information based on the options selected. Using display Command Option s The display command displays acsls display fields of information for different library components. It's easy to join and it's free. Format idle [force] Enter the full command name for the idle command. Options force forces termination of new request processing.

Note: Use the start command to restart the request processing. Displaying the status of a library component "query commands" Starting ACSLS request processing "start" Changing the state of a library component "vary". Command Area Messages This section discusses the area command messages. Format lock type identifier You cannot use acsls display set lock command to set your lock ID and then use the lock command to lock a volume or drive with the lock ID that you set with set lock.

STK Libraries Attached to ACSLS Server - Configure

Removing all active or pending locks on a specified drive or cartridge "clear lock" Displaying the lock status of a drive or cartridge "query lock" Setting your lock ID "set lock" Displaying your lock or user ID "show" Removing active locks on drives or cartridges "unlock". Success Messages The following message appears when a lock request succeeds: Lock: Lock completed, Success. Format logoff. Caution: LTO drives do not support mounts with write protect. If a "mount read-only" is attempted to an LTO drive, it will fail with a "Drive cannot honor write protect" message in the Event Log.

Usage Use the mount command to mount a data cartridge. A successful mount requires the following: The cartridge and drive must be in the same ACS. The cartridge must be available, and the drive must be online and available. Dismounting a cartridge from a drive "dismount" Making a CAP manual mode ready to enter labelled cartridges into the library "enter" Displaying CAP status "query cap" Displaying drive status "query drive" Displaying the lock status of a drive or cartridge "query lock" Displaying the status acsls display media-compatible drives for a specified data cartridge "query mount" Displaying the location and media type of a cartridge "query volume" Setting CAP mode manual or automatic "set cap mode" Setting CAP selection priority "set cap priority" Making a CAP ready to enter unlabeled cartridges into the library "venter".

Error Messages Mount: Mount failed, Audit in progress. Mount: Mount failed, In use. Mount: Mount failed, Misplaced tape. Mount: Mount failed, Cartridge in drive. Mount: Mount failed, Unreadable label. Mount: Mount failed, Invalid media type. Mount: Mount failed, Invalid drive type.

Mount: Mount failed, Incompatible media acsls display. Specifying the media type is optional. Choosing the scratch cartridge acsls display the least recent access date in that LSM. The selected scratch cartridge is then mounted on the drive. Examples The following sections show mount scratch examples for single-media and mixed-media libraries.

Mount: Mount failed, No compatible scratch cartridges in pool. Note: SL allows for cartridges to be moved acsls display a specific cell. To display all volumes entered between a. The display commands are: "display cap" Displays specific CAP information based acsls display the options selected.The display command is a powerful tool for reporting information from the ACSLS database. Like a SQL SELECT statement, display allows you to specify.

ACSLS displays cmd_proc messages during the audit and records any database acsls display from the audit in the Event Log. If volume statistics logging is enabled.

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